acrylic abstract artwork
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Abstract acrylic paintings with colour and rhythm, and photographic images inspired by the natural world.

richard nicholls artist and photographer

I’m Richard Nicholls, a Worcester based artist and photographer. I work from a studio space at Bevere Gallery on the outskirts of Worcester. My studio is open for visitors to see where and how I work, and to view both works in progress and completed artwork.

My work is driven by shape and form. The composition and aesthetic of the work — along with pattern, rhythm and texture — is key, regardless of the medium in which it is made. I am often working on a number of projects at once, producing a series of work over time; usually over several months.

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Projects I’m currently working on

projection – original abstract artwork

Stripey Abstract Paintings

extract of upgrade

Abstract Extracts

fine art photographic prints

Small is Beautiful

My latest journal entry

ink drawing

Back to the ink drawings

What with the studio move and preparing for my workshop I’ve neglected the progress I was making on the ink drawings. I’m starting to think…

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