White frames

Prints are now also available in white frames – a choice of white or black frame is included in the price. Up until now I’ve always framed in black, but I’m coming around to preferring some of the more delicate colour subjects in white…

Printer dance

Either my printer is happy in its new space or I need a more rigid table for it… This is another poster coming off, ‘Sapling season’ – a 12 month not-very-scientific time lapse.

Why the hell not?

In a moment of complete ‘why the hell not?’ experimentation I present to you the cheap alternative to the increasing popular gold leaf picture adornment – sparkly copper acrylic from the hobbycraft sale at only £2 a tube… remember you saw it here first…

Acrylic sections

Today in the studio — selected and edited sections from a lockdown acrylic painting. Then printed and mounted for the gallery wall. New work, new direction, let’s see where it goes.

Browser posters

Today in the studio — printed out and made some posters for the browser – these two are ‘Winter trees’ and ‘Art forms in plants’.


Just framed and strung these three allium prints ready to be collected by their new owner.

Small is beautiful

I deliberately make small prints to encourage the viewer to engage with and look closer at the subject and detail of the photograph. The images are presented at a similar scale to how I see them at the time of taking, whether that be on the screen of a mobile phone, the ground glass of…

Studio getting there

Studio looking a bit more ship-shape now the storage is sorted. It all looks a bit too new though, I need to live in it for a bit now and get some new work done. I’ve got a few ideas for the coming months but lots of old work needs sorting out first.