Sequoia cones

The sequoia trees are the ones I can see from my studio window at Yew Trees. Related to the California giant redwoods (that are invariably pictured with roads going through them, or a lumberjack standing proudly beside one with an axe on his shoulder) these aren’t quite on that scale but are pretty fascinating nonetheless….

Art Forms in Plants

Blossfeldt inspired images that highlight the form of plants and vegetation.

Acrylic abstracts

I’ve had quite a lot of Polaroid pictures up in the gallery since we opened as I had them already framed up from open studios last year. However, it’s not something I’ve worked on for a while and so I’ve been framing up some of my acrylic abstracts instead. I started doing these during lockdown…

Framers grey

Working out the optimal number of A3 sized pieces of backing board I can get from a sheet of framers grey. Why said that maths isn’t useful in real life?

Wall Stories

Wall Stories draws a connection between architecture and memories.

Uninvited Guests

Portraits of the unwanted and unloved flora of our gardens.

Ideas wall

This is my ideas wall at Yew Trees, some work in progress, some work being contemplated, some freshly printed. I saw a quote the other day about an image not becoming a photograph until it’s printed — annoyingly I can’t find it now — but it is so true, seeing a physical print in different…

Winter trees

Skeletal forms of trees emerging from early morning fog whilst out walking my dog.