The Pitchcroft Calendar 2021

My 2021 Pitchcroft Calendar has arrived from the printers and I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. No matter how many print jobs I send off to the printers it’s always a bit nerve-wracking seeing how the job turns out. I spent the morning photographing the calendar pages in real life (so much better than…

Pitchcroft images

Today in the studio… finalised my selection of images for the 2021 Pitchcroft Calendar and sent the file off to the printers. Which may not sound like much, but has taken me days of deliberation.

Blurry abstract

I thought I’d try a bit of paint throwing after I’d finished photographing Reconstructed Nature III – I thought it looked like it needed a bit of colour added to it. Let’s just say that wasn’t completely successful but once dried there were a few abstract macro shots to be had. This one was with…

Reconstructed nature leaves

A new ‘Reconstructed nature’ print and two detail images.

Three winter trees

A set of three winter tree prints off to a new home.


This is ‘Reconstructed Nature IV’ which I put together today having found the final piece – the yellow leaf – whilst out walking Maddie the dog this morning. I’d picked up the other leaves from the garden a couple of days ago and had an idea of the sort of image that I wanted to…

Reconstructed nature prints

I’ve printed out some images from my new ‘Reconstructed nature’ project and reorganised the gallery to accommodate them. I cropped a couple of the close-up images to fit into some narrow frames, these are more abstract but work quite well in this format I think.

Flying sycamore seeds

A second ‘taped down’ piece on the window with flying sycamore seeds. I put the composition together last week but felt it needed something else so gathered a handful of sycamore seeds from outside, set the camera to continuous shoot and threw the seeds. It took a couple of test shots to get the shutter…