A day of photography

A day of photography at the studio today. Just the one visitor so I spent a couple of uninterrupted hours just immersed in the process. Music on loud, the shuffle sequence was perfect, might even have broken out in song at one point… (definitely need to be alone for that!)

The light was shifting constantly between the showers, I was shooting some strands of ornamental grass which I’d taped in position onto a thin sheet of paper which in turn was taped onto the window. It’s a long time since I’ve had the luxury to really explore a subject whilst actually shooting. I usually have a pre-conceived idea of the shot I’m after and that is usually achieved pretty quickly, and it either works or it doesn’t. However it’s only when you carry on shooting and the obvious shots are exhausted, that the experimentation kicks in and that’s when you sometimes stumble across something great, that wasn’t obvious, wasn’t pre-conceived. And that’s what I love about photography; in spite of all the preparation sometimes everything comes together completely by accident.

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