A varied day at the studio

18 November 2021

a varied day at the studio

It’s been quite a varied day at the studio today and this photo sums it up quite well really. I hung ‘ebb’, my latest series, on the wall and although not in an ideal position being vertical rather than the intended horizontal format they still seem to work. You can see the bottom two of the series on the left.

Then I took some close-up shots of the ebb stripes. I wanted to create some seascape style images with the strips running horizontally, I thought the colours leant themselves to that sort of image. Having softened the focus and darkening the ‘sea’ part of each image within Lightroom I printed out five for consideration ‘in the flesh’ as it were. Images are always better when not on a screen I think. It allows comparison between them, and contemplation to take place over time. You can’t do that flipping between images on screen, or having them small to fit on side by side. Not as well anyway.

Finally, I’ve gone back to working on ‘construct’ and completed a few more squares.