My work is observational in nature and Iā€™m attracted by shapes and patterns in particular. It might be a simple curve, a reflection or shadow, or the way that the light happens to fall upon an object that makes me notice it. Although that initial attraction is sometimes reason itself for producing an image, I am more often than not looking for something else, something beyond a simple representation of the object. I like to create pictures which can be linked, have a thread of commonality or which tell a story.

To this end I tend to work in series rather than produce standalone images ā€“ the work can be linked by subject matter, the presentation of the images, or both. Projects can take anything from a few hours or be spread out over months or even years.

More recently I have started painting abstract images in acrylic. I make close-up and macro images of sections of the paintings to show the patterns and textures that form between the different coloured acrylic paints.

I work from a studio space at Yew Trees Artist Studios at Bevere Gallery on the outskirts of Worcester. My studio is open to the public along with a small gallery which I share with fellow Worcestershire artists Sue Birth and Dan Holden. Visitors are always welcome, and at least one of us is on site when open; please get in touch to check that I’ll be there if you’d like to visit.

richard nicholls yew trees artist studios
richard nicholls yew trees artist studios
richard nicholls yew trees artist studios

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