Acrylic abstracts

acrylic abstracts

I’ve had quite a lot of Polaroid pictures up in the gallery since we opened as I had them already framed up from open studios last year. However, it’s not something I’ve worked on for a while and so I’ve been framing up some of my acrylic abstracts instead. I started doing these during lockdown as part of an online #30works30days challenge, and as well as displaying some of the originals, they’re also a good source of close-up and macro images.

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studio collaboration

Studio collaboration

Sue, Dan and I have started a collaborative piece at the studio. Starting off with one of Dan’s old boards, we’ve been taking it in turns to add parts to the composition, or in Dan’s case, obliterate what’s been added before. These are the first six cy…

dream close-up

Dream close-up

A close up photo of ‘Dream’ although looking at all those scratches it’s more nightmare-like. I seem to be quite violent in my mark making…⁠