Almost completed work-in-progress

work in progress
work in progress

This is the unglamorous behind-the-scenes sort of mess that is a work in progress. In the first picture you have books balancing on a ruler weighing down the last glued strips, getting them to stick. The glue takes noticeably longer to bond in lower temperatures I’ve noticed – it’s much better in the afternoons when the sun comes around the front and the studio warms up.

The second picture shows the last couple of inches in the centre of the board remaining to be filled. This is where it gets a bit fiddly fitting the last pieces without too many gaps, and in this design the two black slashes overlap horizontally, which is why the yellow and red/orange strips on the right aren’t stuck down at the bottom yet. The point of the lower black slash needs to be added in there somewhere. It might look simple when it’s all finished and on the wall but it can be darned tricky I tell you!

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