Another one off the printer

colourful abstract art print

A vibrant colourful print just off the printer for framing ready for open studios the weekend after next. There are three of these close-up photographs of abstract paint marks in the set and they’re going to go into those frames propped up behind, to replace the monochrome images. That was the plan all along but I did get told today by a visitor that black and white is really just so old fashioned. How rude.⁠

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meta – original stripey abstract

‘meta’ – work in progress

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, and unusually had the title before I started. Same technique as usual but the original sliced material is actually a close up photograph of a previously made stripey artwork, hence the title. The photo was…

new YewTrees collaboration

New collaboration

Work in progress on a new Yew Trees collaboration between Sue, Dan and myself – we’re doing three individual pieces with the common title ‘The Pleasure Prison’. The old collaborative piece has stalled, It’s my turn to update next but I’ve been too busy…