Back to my roots…

tree stump in ancient forest monochrome fine art photograph

Terrible title I know… I took this old hollowed tree trunk many years ago when I was just getting back into film having been previously lured away by the digital revolution. The shot was taken in Pembrokeshire on one of my first films using medium format – I was using an old 1950’s Rolleiflex TLR camera that I’d bought secondhand from Jessops for the princely sum of £70. This is the first time I’ve printed this image, I wanted something a bit different for the gallery, and quite splendid it looks too.

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getting warmer

Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?

A new work in progress based on the rise in global temperature…

new boards

New boards

I’ve just taken delivery of these plywood boards which I’m quite excited about. They’re thicker than I normally use and have been cut with angled edges. They sit flush on the wall when hung and the angle means that the work appears to float away from t…