Climbing hydrangea

climbing hydrangea

I’ve been experimenting with alternative supports for subjects within my ‘Reconstructed Nature’ project, moving away from tape to bulldog/binder clips on wire. I’ve drilled some wooden blocks so that wire can be threaded through and held upright – the same sort of construction I used for my ‘Uninvited guests’ project but in this case deliberately showing the supporting mechanism.

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the seasons series


Or, actually winter—spring—summer—autumn. This four panel series, each one based on colours of the season, go rather well together. However, aesthetically they work better starting with winter… ⁠ 4 panels, each 8x8in, acrylic on paper on board 2021⁠.⁠

the seasons series

Just varnished

Once the sequence was sorted the pieces went together quickly. Without any joins the only fiddly bit was cutting the final strip to fit in the last gap on each.