Finishing off this latest original abstract artwork

The last few strips have been added to this latest piece, it’s always a bit of a fiddle filling in the gap that’s left. It still needs a bit of work with trimming the strips, then varnishing and touching up the edges of the board, but the main slog is done now. See the finished piece which after a bit of mulling, I’ve decided on a title of ‘Construct’. As this one’s a less tranquil composition I wanted something a bit positive and not too obvious – so no slashing, cutting or slicing…

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studio collaboration

Studio collaboration

Sue, Dan and I have started a collaborative piece at the studio. Starting off with one of Dan’s old boards, we’ve been taking it in turns to add parts to the composition, or in Dan’s case, obliterate what’s been added before. These are the first six cy…

dream close-up

Dream close-up

A close up photo of ‘Dream’ although looking at all those scratches it’s more nightmare-like. I seem to be quite violent in my mark making…⁠