New year, new acrylics

new year, new acrylics

Close up of an acrylic abstract – the angles reminded me of the frost patterns on my car windscreen these past few mornings.

Back to my roots…

tree stump in ancient forest monochrome fine art photograph

Terrible title I know… I took this old hollowed tree trunk many years ago when I was just getting back into film having been previously lured away by the digital revolution. The shot was taken in Pembrokeshire on one of my first films using medium format – I was using an old 1950’s Rolleiflex TLR camera that I’d bought secondhand from Jessops for the princely sum of £70. This is the first time I’ve printed this image, I wanted something a bit different for the gallery, and quite splendid it looks too.

Allium seedheads

allium seedheads

A quick shot of these three newly framed allium seedheads before they go off to adorn someone else’s wall…



These random compositions were formed by repeatedly throwing down six offcuts of card. I was reminded of a family game I played as a child where you had to extract individual wooden sticks from a pile of sticks without moving any of the others. Anyway, that aside, I do like a bit of serendipity and quite happily spent 20 minutes or so shooting about 30 of these. Then, in the spirit of randomness, screen grabbed these 16 from the grid view in Lightroom to form a collective composition.

Blurry abstract

Blurry abstract

I thought I’d try a bit of paint throwing after I’d finished photographing Reconstructed Nature III – I thought it looked like it needed a bit of colour added to it. Let’s just say that wasn’t completely successful but once dried there were a few abstract macro shots to be had. This one was with my iPhone and a close-up lens attachment that I was playing with before I got started. The lens attachment blurs the image quite dramatically once away from the centre but there’s something about the angle and the colours in this shot, along with that small crater towards that middle that somehow makes it all work.