winter trees by Richard Nicholls fine art photography

Winter trees

Skeletal forms of trees emerging from early morning fog.

infancy from Wall Stories by Anne Guest and Richard Nicholls

Wall Stories

Wall Stories draws a connection between architecture and memories.

uninvited guests – Ricuninvited guests – Richard Nicholls fine art photographerhard Nicholls photographer @enrichphoto

Uninvited Guests

Portraits of the unwanted and unloved flora of our gardens.

blossfeldt inspired art forms in plants Richard Nicholls fine art photographer

Art Forms in Plants

Blossfeldt inspired images that highlight the form of plants and vegetation.


reconstructed nature

Reconstructed Nature

I gather plants and foliage and use them to create images with designs and patterns that don’t always occur naturally.

acrylic abstracts

Acrylic abstracts

Close-up and macro images of sections of my acrylic paintings to show the pattern and texture detail within the artwork.

conker newborn haphazard timelapse

Haphazard Timelapse

Sequences of images taken over extended time periods which give more depth and information than is possible with a single image.

memorare – grandad's coffee jug


An exploration of objects that have a value through association or memory, often inherited or kept for sentimental reasons.