Inbetween the showers

Inbetween the showers

When it’s fine at the studio we’re able to throw open the doors (temperature withstanding), put out pictures and wheel out the greetings card carousel. However, if it starts to rain it’s a mad dash to get everything in. We’re having a veranda style cover built over the decking in front of the studios starting next week. It’ll have a transparent roof which will make us a bit more weatherproof and is sure to make a big difference to the place.

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studio collaboration

Studio collaboration

Sue, Dan and I have started a collaborative piece at the studio. Starting off with one of Dan’s old boards, we’ve been taking it in turns to add parts to the composition, or in Dan’s case, obliterate what’s been added before. These are the first six cy…

dream close-up

Dream close-up

A close up photo of ‘Dream’ although looking at all those scratches it’s more nightmare-like. I seem to be quite violent in my mark making…⁠