Reconstructed Nature

For this project I gathered plants and foliage and used them to create images with designs and patterns that don’t always occur naturally.

The masking tape and other supports used to construct the images highlight the imposition of an ‘unnatural’ order on the natural material.

The close-up and detailed images show the support elements, which are forcing the order. These are more abstract and graphical images that show the reconstructed nature of the project.

I often show behind the scenes shots of project work in progress in my Studio Journal — a visual record of what I’m currently working on. You can sign up to receive a monthly email of my journal entries — see works in progress, how the finished pieces come together and get insights into my creative process.
Click the images for a larger view.

2020. Giclée photographic prints — each an edition of 10 on 240gsm archival matt paper stock. From £40.