(Re)work in progress

 (re)work in progress

I’ve spent the day between admin tasks going over the ‘death stripes’ in my large piece ‘construct’ which was finished a while ago but really wasn’t doing it for me. I’ve tried painting over them but that wasn’t doing it either so I’m now trying a layered approach with wider parallelogram shaped pieces. ⁠

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meta – original stripey abstract

‘meta’ – work in progress

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, and unusually had the title before I started. Same technique as usual but the original sliced material is actually a close up photograph of a previously made stripey artwork, hence the title. The photo was…

new YewTrees collaboration

New collaboration

Work in progress on a new Yew Trees collaboration between Sue, Dan and myself – we’re doing three individual pieces with the common title ‘The Pleasure Prison’. The old collaborative piece has stalled, It’s my turn to update next but I’ve been too busy…