Artist, designer, photographer.

BA(Hons) Creative Digital Media, University of Worcester.
Founder member and co-organiser of Worcestershire Open Studios.
Artist member and volunteer with ArtCan.
Resident studio artist with the Worcester Arts Collective.

Creating graphic and design driven artwork by (mainly) photographic means.

Richard Nicholls Worcester based artist and photographerRichard Nicholls is a Worcester based artist.

“My art is constantly evolving but almost always involves a photographic process. My images are primarily about pattern, rhythm and texture, and range from representational photographs of the natural world, through to abstract pieces; some purely aesthetic, others are driven by real world events.

“I’m invariably working on a number of projects at any one time and these can vary wildly in their content although my process is fairly consistent.

“I work mainly digitally but it is an important part of my process that images are printed out rather than left in digital form to only be viewed on screen. This allows work to be studied and reassessed over days, weeks or even longer, before deciding the next step. Sometimes work is added to with paint or ink and then photographed again, or perhaps a small section of the work is photographed in isolation, to highlight a particular detail that catches my eye. Sometimes I use an analogue camera or a phone app with analogue effects to photograph the work in order to get an aesthetic which is less clean and precise, as I feel that this is a downside of digital output. The final version of a piece may have gone through a number of print-photograph-print iterations as part of its development.”

My current thinking:
Fascinated with: the online world, the 24 hour news cycle, data, digital processes that emulate analogue techniques, imperfection and flaws, grids, pattern and repetition, shadows, shapes of the natural world.
Work style: design driven, abstract, graphic, geometric, layered, textured, meticulous yet embracing imperfection.
Current working method: a cycle of make, photograph, print, photograph, print. Digital but not manipulated.

Richard works from a studio space as part of the Worcester Arts Collective in the centre of Worcester. Please get in touch if you’d like to arrange a studio visit.

Richard Nicholls
07906 275811

Worcester Arts Collective CIC, 4 Edgar Street, Worcester WR1 2LR
Worcester Arts Collective CIC, 4 Edgar Street, Worcester WR1 2LR
what3words: ///eagles.shield.happen

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