Sequoia cones

sequoia cones

The sequoia trees are the ones I can see from my studio window at Yew Trees. Related to the California giant redwoods (that are invariably pictured with roads going through them, or a lumberjack standing proudly beside one with an axe on his shoulder) these aren’t quite on that scale but are pretty fascinating nonetheless. I started collecting these cones a few weeks ago when they were a bit of a novelty; I hadn’t seen cones that were still attached to bits of branch before. They sat on my table for a while before I took some pictures on my phone, although with a tripod to get the composition right. It took a while for me to edit the pictures into a set and print, then the images sat on my work-in-progress shelf for a bit being contemplated (you can see them in my post from 16 Sept), before framing up and making it into the gallery.