Small masterpieces

abstract source material

I’m sure it’s well know already but I came across this process of taping off your paper into squares before then painting over the whole before removing the tape to reveal small masterpieces. The idea is that the edges then become irrelevant and that frees up the flow, apparantly. Anyway, worth a shot, although masterpieces is stretching it in this caseā€¦ I do like the brushmarks in some areas on this one though, it definitely is more flowey than my normal daubing, so maybe it does work!

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getting warmer

Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?

A new work in progress based on the rise in global temperatureā€¦

new boards

New boards

I’ve just taken delivery of these plywood boards which I’m quite excited about. They’re thicker than I normally use and have been cut with angled edges. They sit flush on the wall when hung and the angle means that the work appears to float away from t…