Stripey Abstract Paintings

I make stripey abstract paintings composed of colour and texture. I am fascinated how the colours and patterns in the vertical lines interact with each other, often quite by chance.
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Each original abstract artwork starts off with a rough idea of the layout and design I want to create. On some pieces the stripes run continuously from top to bottom without any join. These artworks are mainly about the colours used and how the strips are arranged to give a pleasing rhythm.

I avoid making the paintings symmetrical, there is often an order but it’s not strictly followed; things are deliberately offset to provide an interruption to the flow and provide extra interest in the work that isn’t immediately apparent when first viewed. My aim is to give the appearance of balance and order but look closer and there is an element of randomness to each design.

Other pieces have the strips broken into sections that form quite distinct areas. Geometric shapes are formed by changing the colour of the stripe. The strips are joined with an angled cut – these can be aligned to form a sharp edge, or a more random line with a diffused effect can be formed when the joins are not aligned.

Although the design of each stripey abstract painting is planned in advance, I delight in and embrace the unpredictability and elements of chance that invariably happen whilst in the making process. I document how paintings are progessing in my Studio Journal — a visual art studio diary of what I’m currently working on. You can sign up to receive a monthly email of my journal entries — see works in progress, how the finished pieces come together and get insights into my creative process.

See recently completed stripey abstract paintings available for purchase.

An ongoing project. Original artwork — acrylic on paper on board. From £40–£300.

Commission your own original abstract artwork

Choose the size of the piece, the colour scheme and have a say in the design and layout to make a unique piece of art especially for yourself or a loved one. Please get in touch to find out more.