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Back to the ink drawings

19 January 2022

ink drawing

What with the studio move and preparing for my workshop I’ve neglected the progress I was making on the ink drawings. I’m starting to think about those again now. Giving them some space has been a good thing but I’m ready to get going again.

Workshop content

15 January 2022

doube exposure iPhone image

I’ve spent the past few days putting together materials, and shooting example images for my forthcoming workshop. At this stage it’s difficult to know what to include (well, actually, what to leave out) and how much detail to go into. I have a ‘dress rehearsal’ run through with a couple of friends at the end of the week which will help enormously. This is an example of a double exposure taken in-camera and untouched by post-processing. Sign up to learn how to take images like this with your iPhone!

Analogue to digital

13 January 2022

projection compressed – digital artwork

This is a digital composition using images of the four pieces from ‘projection‘. I wanted to use an image of my original artwork series as a project submission for the Fragmented Collective, which I’ve recently become a member of. However, the submission ideally needed to be in portrait format and so I put this together as an alternative. (I did use the original landsacpe format image in the end as it was more true to the narrative of the series.)

End of the first week

7 January 2022

end of the first week

Well it’s Friday so must be the end of the week but I haven’t been at the studio every day. It’s coming along though. Most of the things that were littering the floor now have a home, I’ve added a ledge for propping up pictures and there’s some art up on the walls. I still need to do a few signs and sort out some desk lighting but I should be ready to start working on some projects next week.

The angle of this shot makes it look higher than it actually is, no ladders involved, just long arms and the estate agent setting on the phone camera lens. I like a wide angle shot but the ½x lens option is really quite insane, I’ve not really found a proper use for it, must be for those group selfie shots perhaps…

Before and after the move

4 January 2022

new studio space

Well, before and part way through actually. The second shot was taken late yesterday after a day of shifting the furniture and putting up shelves for storage. Today I’ve spend moving over all the artwork from the walls of the old studio and other odds and ends that were in fixed cupboards and so now the place is a complete mess. But getting there slowly, finding storage for things and starting to put up some pictures on the walls.

Lines and angles

29 December 2021

lines and angles

Some more photography this morning, ink marks again, but this time shooting at an oblique angle to give a different perspective.

Polaroids gallery finally up

27 December 2021

original polaroid images

The new project galleries have been up on my website for a few weeks now but the Polaroid gallery was still on the to-do list. I was procrastinating over which images to include, but a bit of concentration and all done now with list item ticked.

ink mark close-ups

26 December 2021

ink mark close-ups

I brought home some inky doodles from the studio to photograph and mananged to fit in a few shots this afternoon, once I’d got my worktable back from its use as the Christmas table extension yesterday, and done all the washing up of course…

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