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Allium seedheads

3 December 2020

allium seedheads

A quick shot of these three newly framed allium seedheads before they go off to adorn someone else’s wall…

Gallery refresh

1 December 2020

gallery wall

I’ve spent the day refreshing my wall in the gallery. I’ve temporarily removed some of the work in progress (with the explanation cards) and replaced them with open edition prints that I hope will appeal as Christmas presents. Some are newly printed from the archive, some were printed up and in the browser in my workspace and others are reprints of works that have sold previously. As we come out of lockdown it’s hard to know what visitor numbers will be like but best be prepared!


27 November 2020


These random compositions were formed by repeatedly throwing down six offcuts of card. I was reminded of a family game I played as a child where you had to extract individual wooden sticks from a pile of sticks without moving any of the others. Anyway, that aside, I do like a bit of serendipity and quite happily spent 20 minutes or so shooting about 30 of these. Then, in the spirit of randomness, screen grabbed these 16 from the grid view in Lightroom to form a collective composition.

Three Pitchcroft trees

24 November 2020

three pitchcroft trees

Three Pitchcroft tree prints photographed in the gallery just before being wrapped up to be sent off to the Rose and Crown at Severn Stoke. They’re being displayed as part of an art wall alongside other works all depicting Worcestershire landscapes.

Square leaf

21 November 2020

square leaf

Square leaves now, just what is the world coming to…?

More clips on wire…

19 November 2020


Reconstructed Nature VII

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