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Finished, but as yet untitled

27 January 2021

as yet untitled

The finished ‘stripes no.4’ piece mounted on 3mm board. I intend to add battons to the reverse so that it ‘floats’ away from the wall when hung. It differs slightly from the laid out version in that a centre strip has been added – there’s inevitably a difference in the overall width of the piece when the strips are glued in position. I’ve split the centre piece in two with a dark blue half in the same tone as the outer blue stripes to break up the lighter area and provide a centre focus.

Work in progress

25 January 2021

work in progress

I think the work with stripes might be going somewhere. This is the fourth experimental piece, sized approximately 12 x 7in, shown laid out after getting the sequencing right. I started this one from the centre with the strips that have eventually ended up on the outer edges. As the pattern progresses sometimes the colours just don’t work and so blocks get shuffled around. Or replaced completely, as can be seen with the strips over on the left. Next step is to start glueing it all down onto a board.

New plans coming together

8 January 2021

acrylic lines

I’ve decided to use the latest lockdown to explore painting with acrylics a bit more. I started dabbling about 12 months ago as a way of creating material to use for close up and macro abstract photographs.

New year, new acrylics

3 January 2021

new year, new acrylics

Close up of an acrylic abstract – the angles reminded me of the frost patterns on my car windscreen these past few mornings.

…and now for something completely different

31 December 2020

…and now for something completely different

Experimenting with some old acrylics. Watch this space.

The holly and the ivy

24 December 2020

the holly and the ivy

Last day in the studio before Christmas. Ivy from the garden, holly from the hedge which runs along Bevere Lane. Happy holidays!

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