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‘meta’ – work in progress

23 August 2021

meta – original stripey abstract

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, and unusually had the title before I started. Same technique as usual but the original sliced material is actually a close up photograph of a previously made stripey artwork, hence the title. The photo was destined as an editioned print but when printed at a decent size it wasn’t sharp enough to pass quality control so it’s been sat on the side for a while. I’m glad it works in its new form.

New collaboration

21 August 2021

new YewTrees collaboration

Work in progress on a new Yew Trees collaboration between Sue, Dan and myself – we’re doing three individual pieces with the common title ‘The Pleasure Prison’. The old collaborative piece has stalled, It’s my turn to update next but I’ve been too busy with open studios organisation and other work the past few weeks. It’ll start up again I’m sure.


18 August 2021

askew – original abstract artwork

Acrylic on paper on board on a tree, 8in x 24in, 2021⁠

Another one off the printer

17 August 2021

colourful abstract art print

A vibrant colourful print just off the printer for framing ready for open studios the weekend after next. There are three of these close-up photographs of abstract paint marks in the set and they’re going to go into those frames propped up behind, to replace the monochrome images. That was the plan all along but I did get told today by a visitor that black and white is really just so old fashioned. How rude.⁠

Getting ready for open studios

14 August 2021

reconstracted nature 2a

This is an image taken taken last autumn as part of my ‘Reconstructed Nature’ series. I re-discovered it in my archive today whilst going through work to print out for Worcestershire Open Studios in two weeks time. It’s sequenced ‘2a’ because after I’d finishing shooting the original I threw paint over it, Jackson style.⁠

Not a glue advert

12 August 2021

not a glue advert

I’ve started a new piece in a 3:1 landscape format, sized at 24x8in. I liked the way my recent four panel seasons series worked when together so thought I’d try out this new size.

However, having taken this pic it seems that the Mod Podge glue is centre stage. I’m trying it out over my normal PVA but so far I’m finding it much harder to work with as it’s drying really quickly. This means that I can’t place 3 or 4 strips down in one go and move them about before the glue starts to bond, as is my normal practice. ⁠

(Re)work in progress

8 August 2021

 (re)work in progress

I’ve spent the day between admin tasks going over the ‘death stripes’ in my large piece ‘construct’ which was finished a while ago but really wasn’t doing it for me. I’ve tried painting over them but that wasn’t doing it either so I’m now trying a layered approach with wider parallelogram shaped pieces. ⁠

I’m taking part in Worcestershire Open Studios

6 August 2021

worcestershire open studios

The studio will be open all weekend as part of Worcestershire Open Studios this August bank holiday. Yew Trees is venue 1 on the location map. There’s lots of info about all the 82 participating artists at the 58 locations across Worcestershire on the WOS website.

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