Studio Journal — a visual diary of sorts, documenting studio life and work in progress since moving into my studio at Bevere Gallery in August 2020. You can receive a summary of these posts in your inbox once a month by signing up to my newsletter.

Late afternoon sun

5 September 2021

blush – original abstract artwork

The late afternoon sun catching artwork at the studio… I love the way that side lighting highlights all the textures in the paint and makes the work so much more tactile.
‘blush’ – acrylic on paper on board, 12in x 12in, 2021.

‘pause’ – original abstract artwork

4 September 2021

pause – original abstract artwork

‘pause’ — acrylic on paper on board, diptych, each 20in x 6in. If you visited me for Worcestershire Open Studios last weekend, this is what I was working on at the time. It probably makes a lot more sense now…

Undulating stripes

2 September 2021

original abstract artwork

This is a close up detail of the piece I was working on over Worcestershire Open Studios at the weekend. The board was salvaged from the packing crate that our new Yew Trees gazebo was shipped in, only it’s a bit rougher than the board I normally use, as you can see… I quite like the effect though, it certainly adds another dimension.

All set for Worcestershire Open Studios

28 August 2021

colourful abstract art prints

Prints out, bunting up, ready to go… lots of art to see all over Worcestershire this weekend as part of Worcestershire Open Studios – over 82 artists at 58 locations, including me, Sue and Dan at Yew Trees.

Mounted and ready to frame

26 August 2021

colourful abstract art print

This is one of a set of three in this series of close-up photographs of abstract marks in acrylic paint. I’m putting them together for Worcestershire Open Studios this weekend. ⁠

‘meta’ – work in progress

23 August 2021

meta – original stripey abstract

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, and unusually had the title before I started. Same technique as usual but the original sliced material is actually a close up photograph of a previously made stripey artwork, hence the title. The photo was destined as an editioned print but when printed at a decent size it wasn’t sharp enough to pass quality control so it’s been sat on the side for a while. I’m glad it works in its new form.

New collaboration

21 August 2021

new YewTrees collaboration

Work in progress on a new Yew Trees collaboration between Sue, Dan and myself – we’re doing three individual pieces with the common title ‘The Pleasure Prison’. The old collaborative piece has stalled, It’s my turn to update next but I’ve been too busy with open studios organisation and other work the past few weeks. It’ll start up again I’m sure.


18 August 2021

askew – original abstract artwork

Acrylic on paper on board on a tree, 8in x 24in, 2021⁠

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