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Vaguely symmetrical

22 December 2020

vaguely symmetrical

I’d sort of forgotten about this shot, it was the last of the Reconstructed Nature taped pieces that I did before moving onto experimenting with wire and bulldog clip supports. So in shooting sequence it should be Reconstructed Nature 5a but is actually no.10 in the series.

Back to my roots…

19 December 2020

tree stump in ancient forest monochrome fine art photograph

Terrible title I know… I took this old hollowed tree trunk many years ago when I was just getting back into film having been previously lured away by the digital revolution. The shot was taken in Pembrokeshire on one of my first films using medium format – I was using an old 1950’s Rolleiflex TLR camera that I’d bought secondhand from Jessops for the princely sum of £70. This is the first time I’ve printed this image, I wanted something a bit different for the gallery, and quite splendid it looks too.

Nature before reconstruction

17 December 2020

Nature before reconstruction

Nature before reconstruction – this was a test shot that I took whilst experimenting with the layout of the grasses. This particular composition didn’t actually make it to the next stage of the work, the grasses were used in the much more regimented piece that turned into ‘Reconstructed Nature I’.

Trussed up seedheads

11 December 2020

trussed up seedheads

This one took a bit of messing about with to get the composition how I wanted it. The problem was that I left the knots at one end of each string loose so that I could adjust the lengths and tension but they often worked themselves loose meaning the whole thing fell to bits at regular intervals. Got there in the end…


9 December 2020


The clips on wire images work where the subject isn’t too delicate otherwise the clips become the subject. So I was thinking of some different sorts of support and this came to me after a crossword clue about Gulliver’s Travels (it was the only clue I could answer…). I wasn’t sure about this one initially, it looked a bit stark and so I tried adding a couple of additional pieces either side but it was very fiddly and I left it for another day in the end. However, this one does appeal to me more now because of the simplicity.

Reconstructed 6 & 7

5 December 2020

reconstructed 6 & 7

Two more editioned prints ready to go into the browser.

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