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Purply-orange abstract coasters

10 November 2021

purply-orange abstract coasters

The Seasons Series coasters have been proving popular at the studio so I’ve had another set of four done based on my macro photos of an abstract piece of work that I did a while ago. I already had three of the images – I printed up these in large frames for open studios – and so found a fourth from the archive to go with them. You can see more images of the coasters here.

Like a speeding bullet…

8 November 2021

like a speeding bullet

It’s been a while since I’ve take any macro pictures of paint details but the piece from which this image came caught my eye after I’d painted it. There was just something about the way that the paint and ink had merged together in places that warranted a closer look.

Ebb and flow

6 November 2021

ebb and flow

I’ve started on a new work – a series over four small square panels. I wanted this one to have a graduated progression of colour with a peak around two thirds through and then falling off. I started it last week but the first colour palette wasn’t working at all – it was all too busy – so I did a new painting on a much simpler colour scheme and I’m much happier with this. And the title came to me whilst laying out the strips. First panel stuck down, three to go…

At the end of the day

3 November 2021

10 minutes at the end of the day

10 minutes with a paint pen, some ink and a few marks later… I’m enjoying the freedom and haphazard nature of the process. I don’t pretend these are anything more than doodles, but it always amazes me how the simple act of positioning a mount in the right place can immediately transform a piece of work.

Studio view

30 October 2021

studio view

It turned out to be a beautiful day at the studio today. Just printing out some labels for a new batch of coasters. Exciting stuff 😐

Time to move on

30 October 2021


This painting started off as ‘construct’ but it has never really worked for me and so after one failed makeover it’s time to sand down, gesso up and start again. In true recycled nature I’m also using strips that have been surplus to other works. The design is sorted — there are 49 various sized rectangles to fill — but I’m working out the colours as I go along. We’ll see if it works out but it’s going ok so far.

More doodling

27 October 2021

just doodling

I’m liking the groups of squares that look like window panes to me.

Polaroid re-visit

24 October 2021


I’ve had quite a lot of interest in my Polaroids of late, no idea why, probably just coincidence. So, I thought I’d charge up the ‘instant lab’ and lo and behold there was a film still in it 😀 This is a portion of my artwork ‘pause’ – not that you’d be able tell because of the trademark Polaroid colour shift. And the fact that the film is well out of date…

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