The original ‘Reconstructed nature’ shot

the original 'reconstructed nature' shot
the original 'reconstructed nature' shot

The ‘Reconstructed nature’ project which I’m currently in the midst of has been in my mind for some time it would seem. I started shooting plants indoors as part of my ‘Uninvited guests’ project and for those images I used wire and bulldog clips to hold the plants in position in front of a window.

This shot of forsythia was taken much later and the shoots were taped to hold them in position, on paper I think. The colour version was the original shot but for some reason I shot the monochrome picture, with the tape, two days later. And then, like most pictures, did nothing with it for two years until I posted it on Instagram as part of another project. I replicated the idea with some daisies earlier this year and look where we are now! Some ideas just need time to ferment I guess, or in this case, I think having the time and the place to experiment and push the concept further has really helped it develop into a proper project.

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