The Pitchcroft Calendar 2021

Pitchcroft calendar 2021

My 2021 Pitchcroft Calendar has arrived from the printers and I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. No matter how many print jobs I send off to the printers it’s always a bit nerve-wracking seeing how the job turns out. I spent the morning photographing the calendar pages in real life (so much better than photoshopping a mockup together) and setting it up in my new online shop so that it’s now available to purchase!

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the seasons series


Or, actually winter—spring—summer—autumn. This four panel series, each one based on colours of the season, go rather well together. However, aesthetically they work better starting with winter… ⁠ 4 panels, each 8x8in, acrylic on paper on board 2021⁠.⁠

the seasons series

Just varnished

Once the sequence was sorted the pieces went together quickly. Without any joins the only fiddly bit was cutting the final strip to fit in the last gap on each.