vent original acrylic abstract artwork

I’ve just finished this diptych which, needless to say, has taken on a life of it’s own and turned out quite different to how it was envisaged. When the colour stripes are initially laid out I get an idea of how they work as a block of similar colour but when there’s a join, the two areas often interact in ways that aren’t apparent from the start.

This pair started off the other way up and I was thinking about channels and funnels but the heavier red/blue works better on the base and so it becomes more pyramid or mountain-like. The jagged join looks like the ragged edge of a volcano to me and the ‘sky’ has pieces falling from it, hence the ‘Vent’ title.

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the seasons series


Or, actually winter—spring—summer—autumn. This four panel series, each one based on colours of the season, go rather well together. However, aesthetically they work better starting with winter… ⁠ 4 panels, each 8x8in, acrylic on paper on board 2021⁠.⁠

the seasons series

Just varnished

Once the sequence was sorted the pieces went together quickly. Without any joins the only fiddly bit was cutting the final strip to fit in the last gap on each.