Working together

work in progress

I found a piece of board in the garage and decided to use it to make a few smaller pieces. However, I’ve worked out that an artwork really needs a minimum of around 45 stripes across the width for the colours in the stripes to start to merge effectively and so to achieve this means using thinner strips on smaller pieces. This of course is far more fiddly and cutting the strips accurately can be a problem. So this is work in progress on my first diptych, with a vaguely symmetrical theme. Watch this space‚Ķ

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getting warmer

Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?

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new boards

New boards

I’ve just taken delivery of these plywood boards which I’m quite excited about. They’re thicker than I normally use and have been cut with angled edges. They sit flush on the wall when hung and the angle means that the work appears to float away from t…