An exploration of objects that have a value through association or memory – ornaments, knick-knacks or personal items, often inherited or kept for sentimental reasons. Why do we keep these things and what memories do they evoke? What’s their story – who did they belong to? How did they become a small part of our lives, oft unnoticed, but having the power, when seen, to trigger thoughts and memories of someone, or a place, or time dear to us?

What happens to these objects when we’re gone – are the memories passed on to the next generation or do they die with us and the objects simply get discarded? From Latin: ‘bring to mind’.
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Recent posts from my Studio Journal

meta – original stripey abstract

‘meta’ – work in progress

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, and unusually had the title before I started. Same technique as usual but the original sliced material is actually a close up photograph of a previously made stripey artwork, hence the title. The photo was…

new YewTrees collaboration

New collaboration

Work in progress on a new Yew Trees collaboration between Sue, Dan and myself – we’re doing three individual pieces with the common title ‘The Pleasure Prison’. The old collaborative piece has stalled, It’s my turn to update next but I’ve been too busy…