within a crooked mile
  • within a crooked mile

    Apr 2016

    Aesthetic images showing the beauty in ordinary subjects which work on their own rather than in series or essays.


  • a year in the life

    Feb 2016

    12 months of growth from bare sticks to full autumn colours and back again.

  • Guest House Quirks

    Nov 2015

    More character and charm than a bland room in a corporate chain, and the breakfast was fabulous!

  • Enthusiasts

    Sep 2013

    Enthusiast (noun). A person who is very interested in a particular activity or subject. (Origin: early 17th cent. from French…

  • Tour de France 2011

    Aug 2011

    Two days in the blistering heat in the Vendée region of France at the start of the 2011 Tour. Not…

  • Luthier

    Apr 2011

    Luthier (noun). A maker of stringed instruments such as violins and guitars. (Origin: late 19th century: from French, from luth…

  • “Nurture” by Dancefest

    Oct 2010

    Nurture is a dance and film performance commissioned by the University of Worcester, devised and performed by Dancefest, the dance…

  • Exhibition

    Mar 2010

    I have a fascination with other photographers and their habits. It’s this thing about “accepted norm” I think, (see my…

  • Trailhound

    Sep 2009

    Showing the work of the Trailhound Trust who take retired hounds from Cumbria, where the dogs are raced, to rescue…